Life after blogs

Blogging has been my passion since I was 13-14 years old. But, now at 29 I have started to explore it more meaningfully and wholeheartedly. While, exploring I came through a 365 days challenge on Daily post. I have been writing quite frequently taking the inspiration from Daily post prompts, Weekly photo challenges and Weekly Discover challenges, this 365 days challenge has struck some chord. Apart from the daily and weekly challenges, I will now try to keep up with this 365 day challenge. I hope I will have, if not more, 365 blogs on my site by 27th July 2017. Good Luck to me!!

Today’s topic: Life after blogs

Recently, blogging and promoting my blog has become a kind of a full time hobby for me. But, as my blogging doesn’t pay me (yet!), so I have to work for that. I work from 10-5, basically dealing with all kinds of customers and taking care of their needs and solving their problems, which takes the most part of my day. Apart from that, my day starts with music, which is my lifeline.

When I am not listening to songs, I am either reading a novel or watching  Friends or reading something online. Sitting with family in the evening, with a cup of tea is a routine. Apart from all this, I love exploring new places, which is a somewhat newfound love. I am still new in this area. But, I try exploring through magazines and newspapers.

This is somewhat a usual day routine apart from blogging.



Girl with a Tripod

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