Delusionary Life

We are always running after something or the other. We start from good grades in 1st standard to being on the toppers board in the exams. From good marks to a good pay package. From a good pay package to a good house/car. From a good house to a good career for our children.

This is a very short description of what our lives are. But if you see clearly, do you see any life in here? We are not living, we are running. Running a race, which does not have a winner. Oh! actually, we do have a winner, from time to time, the winner get the same reward. And, everyone becomes a winner. You must be wondering what the prize is?

A 6 by 2 coffin space.

This life, we are living is a delusion. God is merely, playing a puppet game to keep himself busy and have some fun. The fact, that life ends, is the only Truth.

This race will be finished with us.



Girl with a Tripod

Inspiration :Elusive

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