Solo traveling – The Ultimate Project

Recently there is a lot of buzz about traveling in the media. Travel. Travel. Travel. It seems to be the only happening thing around. But why travel?? When we can go on a vacation? Above that why travel solo? When we have a happening group of friends to be with? There are so many reasons why you should travel alone. Lets discuss few of them here.

It’s Fun/Adventurous
Travelling is fun, I am sure everyone will agree with me. Discovering new places seems like a new discovery everyday. You mus be thinking how is it fun? You can be yourself. You don’t have to show off who you are not. You are between total strangers, you can make new friends. You can do all the crazy stuff, you hesitate to do when you are with someone you know (as they might tag you as the crazy person). You can finally be yourself, without the fear of being judged.

Traveling alone makes you independent, in a way, you have to do everything on your own. It makes you more aware of your surroundings. It keeps you on your toes. You become a doer. You explore new places more. Talk to new people, make new friends. It sure does transform you from an introvert to a reasonable talker if not an outgoing person.

Self Discovery
It gives you time to think for yourself. You can ready thousand’s of self help books, you can be with a number of friends-philosopher-guides, but the best friend-philosopher and guide is right there within yourself. Nobody in this world know you more than you know yourself and nobody can make the best decision for you more than yourself. Traveling alone, gives you an opportunity to overcome the hurdles yourself and hence realizing your potential.

It is said that, the world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page. The place you are at right now is only 1/100000th of the world. The world is much much more than what you see or have seen till now. Different cultures, different traditions, geographies, nature, flora, fauna, the list is seriously endless.

Traveling alone gives you flexibility to work out the schedule as per your needs and convenience. Its not necessary, but it is certainly drama free. It gives you the freedom, flexibility and  an opportunity to be creative.

Cherry on top: Its Cheap
As you are traveling alone, you just have to pay expenses for one person. Also, as you are travelling alone, to increase knowledge and save few bucks you can always use public transport, which is a rewarding experience.


Girl with a Tripod

Image source: From personal collection

9 thoughts on “Solo traveling – The Ultimate Project

  1. Can we say that travel is not only packing a bag and starting physical transportation by one self ,alone!
    We all travel in time matrix. Through out the life.
    If you take up a task and do it alone,it is journey.
    You plan for cooking for family and rough it out alone in kitchen is a journey alone.
    You sit in gallery and prepare the first blog post is also a journey.
    You take the piano and compose few pieces your self is a journey.
    All the narrated journeys have something in common, where lies essence of fruits you gain through lone journey.
    The spirit to propel and what you gain is courage and confidence of executing a task.
    Lastly if that task affects many with positivity, they all will praise you.
    If the task you selected affects negatively to many they will curse and may retaliate also.

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  2. What I love most about traveling alone is you kind of see things from a different perspective, as if the absence of conversation or companionship gives you a certain introspect that in turn gives you a whole new appreciation for things you see and do. It’s absolutely fantastic!


  3. Travelling alone isn’t something that I’ve managed to do so far, and if you look at my blog you’ll know that it’ll be a while yet before I get the chance! It’s something that I wish I’d done though… Just doing what I felt like and not having to worry about anyone else. Bliss!

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  4. Hey there,
    i really like your post though I am enjoying my journeys a lot more when I am with someone. It is the doubled fun and a lot more safety to travel together… Somehow.
    And you have always someone to take a picture of in case no one else is fitting into the scene you had in mind 😉

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