Face off!

We live in a world, where we portray ourselves as someone else. Everyone here is living a false life. A life, where they pretend to be a specific character. A person who is nice at heart may portray himself as a very stern and angry person, so as to protect himself from this world. Sometimes, a person who is very cruel and may harm you come as a very sweet and helping person. How are we supposed to know what that person is?

I’ll take a life example from work, there was a guy, who was very close to a friend of mine. He was very helpful all the time. Whenever, my friend needed something, he was there to help. She was in awe of him, praising him all the time. This friend of mine was a key position holder in a group, lets call it group A and the guy was a key position holder in group B, which as the name suggests were rival groups. But, as they are all working together so these two people were friends. This guy, on pretext of friendship, took all the secret information about the group A from and took all the information to group B. This damaged the position of my friend in her group, due to which she had to leave the group and the position.

Why do people use each other for short term material gains? Why do they put on a mask? It really amazes me some times. I don’t know who to trust and whom not to? It is really very difficult position now-a-days. This guy gave nothing away, he was even very helping. He didn’t leave any grey area to doubt. But, this cannot be the way people work. It is a really critical situation.

“Hurt me with the truth, don’t comfort me with a lie.”


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