Pat on the Back

I have taken up 365 days challenge, for which I have to Pat on someone’s back in this post. However, I was thinking about someone, who actually made me proud or did something for which I can praise him or her. Somehow, I am not able to find that person, not even a single person. Suddenly, I realized that nobody has patted my back, ever. Have I not done anything in my life to get a “Pat” on my back?

Seriously,  I don’t think so. Everyone has done something or the other to get a pat on his back at some point in their lives. As I have not received a pat on my back ever, I will do it today, through this post for the following reasons:

  1. I am an introvert, a person, you would not even notice in a group, as I won’t utter a single word. I’ve changed this, and I would say I have changed this for better. Now, I am a very outgoing person. If nobody comes to me, I go to people and talk to them. Recently, I have made many new friends. Pat on my back for changing this.
  2. I was a pessimist, looking for problems in every situation. Now, I look for opportunity in every situation, even in the toughest situation. And, I must say I get successfully out of every difficult situation I face. It only helps me grow further.
  3. I was a coward, a person who lives in fear all the time. What will happen if I did that? Now, I do think before acting, but I act on every situation. Even, if I am damn scared, I do it anyway and eventually, it pays off.

I would like to give Pat on my back for changing these 3 major things in my life. As, this has completely transformed me to a different person.  A better version of me.



Girl with a Tripod

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