Pink- The Movie (2016)

I am not going to write a movie review, because this movie doesn’t need a review. Only two words “Must Watch”. This movie is a revolution!! Amazing story by Ritesh Shah. I was actually doing some online research for this article and I saw credits to the producer and directors but nobody mentioned “The Writer” , the main person behind the story, without whom there wouldn’t have been any Pink.   Astounding story!!

The story revolves around an incident which happened between 3 independent women and some rich brats with political links. I am Delhiite and I know every other person you know is rich or have political connections and/or both. Whatever has been depicted in the film is actually the real story of every independent girl in some way or the other, but the irony is not every girl stands up and fight for it. It is either the family name or what Mr. Sharma will say or you won’t get a good match or something like that cooked up. The question is not why every girl stand up, the question is why there are these kind of incidents? Why a guy cannot understand that outraging the modesty of a women is not “manly”? It only makes you a coward and a male chauvinist and a patriarch !!

It has been rightly pointed out in the movie that boys who treat women this way have not  been raised properly or they have not been raised by a women. There is a saying “A man who treats his women like a princess, has been raised in the arms of a queen” . This is so true. The move raises so many questions, on the upbringing of men, on the status of women in our so called westernized society. I mean a women who drinks/ have a tattoo/ have been pierced in places other than ears/ colored her hair, how does these things define a women’s character? I am appalled by the thinking of men!!

A lady who talks to you like a friend is not inviting you, and this is what men have to understand. A lady who has a tattoo may have a bank balance more than your entire family’s. A lady who drinks at the bar may be more sober than you ever were in you life.

It really prickles my skin to see the sorry state of the society, it really is not what a modernized society. I think its time, that we stop judging others and start improving ourselves. That will be a great contribution for the society.

Neha C.

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