Biking trip to Mini-France in India : Puducherry

We were on a 2 weeks training in Chennai and there happens to be a holiday in between the 2 weeks other than the weekend. We were 4 friends, 2 girls and 2 boys decided to have a one day trip to Puducherry which was around 150 Km from Chennai. We booked a cab from Chennai to Puducherry . 2011-12-06%252009.09.31.jpg

We left early morning on 6th December 2011, and on our way we had lovely breakfast of Idli vada at a restaurant on the ECR (East coast Road).


Idli Vada 😉

The journey was quite regular one, till we reached Puducherry.

On reaching, we rented bikes for our ride ahead and guess what the person also gave us maps, yes physical map of Puducherry to navigate. We had to wait as only one bike was ready and we needed two.

After some time of waiting, the journey began. We started our drive navigating our way to Auroville our first stop. As the name suggests, it is a City of Dawn it is indeed a city of dawn, I have never seen a place like this ever before in my life, and that too in India. As soon as you enter the place, it gives you a feeling of calmness. The aura of the place is such that, you cannot have a disturbed mind, as the place is way out of the disturbed world.  We started with the museum which talked about the history and the teaching and had many of the quotes displayed.  IMG-20111204-WA0003.jpg

When we entered the place, it seemed more of a small town than an ashram for people to come and meditate. People were having two-wheeler or bicycles and they were going from place to place inside the ashram.  It just felt so mystic and so close to my heart. Passing by the large banyan tree, we finally reached the Matrimandir.

As, there is a pre-booking required to visit the Matrimandir (Meditation Centre), we could not go beyond the viewing point. On our way back, we visited one of the eating joints present in the Auroville area and met with a unique guest.


On our way back from Auroville, we visited the Auro Beach, the golden sand and the fresh water was so welcoming. We spend some time on the beach talking and playing the water like the kids. (Beware of the broken glass bottles on the beach, don’t remove your shoes).

Now, we are back in the Town, Puducherry, crazily navigating our way through the markets, streets, taking random turns, this city doesn’t look like it belongs to India. The streets are so clean, the people are so nice and all you can see is number of foreigners, mainly women riding a scooter or a bike. I felt like getting lost in the streets of Pudducherry. Finally, we sat down at a 24 X 7 Café and had a delightful meal.

Finally, we found our car and the driver, and drove back to Chennai. 🙂



Girl with a Tripod

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