Man is a fool

“As a rule, man’s a fool. When it’s hot, he wants it cool. When it’s cool, he wants it hot. Always wanting what is not.” by Mona Ma’am

I always remember this quote by my most admired teacher in college. Man, is actually a fool. Man here is being used in a general sense, representing people. I have been thinking about life in general. How far I have come. From being a  an introvert to an outgoing person. I had anger on my nose all the time. Although, I am still an angry young women, but not to that extent. Life, has taught me so many things. From being a cribber to a happy go lucky girl. My life really amuses me sometimes. I have met many people, some made me feel special, some made me feel like a retard and of course some made me feel angry on them and sometimes on me. Some were just plain confusing, like my beloved narcissist friend. I do hope he is okay. But, now I really don’t want to be in contact with him. I have always thought of him highly, until I finally came to know him. Now, it is confirmed, beautiful/smart people does not always have a good heart or may have some mental problem or no may be? How do I know, I have not lived his life. I don’t know what he has gone through. It took me years altogether to  gather up my life, how can I comment on his life? As, he was not replying to my messages, I wanted to be with him. But, then I thought, why? He doesn’t want to be with me. Will be happy with a forced friendship? NO.

Finally, I decided to let go of this confusion and of the last string attached to him. As, anything forced is not worth having. If its mean’t to be, it will happen.


Girl with a Tripod


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9 thoughts on “Man is a fool

  1. I enjoyed reading these words and thoughts. I could relate to few of these. I think everything in life is relative. what is good for me may not be good for you, and vice versa! A single event can be inferred, differently!!

    what was good for me once, may not be so…anymore!
    So in essence, we should not think too much. We are in this world for a short while…and we don’t even know our “expiry date”! It’s perfectly okay to differ and not agree with things/people/opinion. we should not question our choices. There is only one truth…we need to live life!! So enjoy life! 🙂

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  2. Haha I would say that man wants to be what he is not. He wants to be human and he is but an animal (and not the funniest one). It’s also what makes him both interesting and scary to look at.

    About love relationships I have always wondered if they were hum…love relationship. We fell in love with someone for who he/she is. Have an interest in the way she/he is handling life and what he/she want to achieve.

    I do not understand well this obsession with sticking together at all cost.

    To me true love do not want to possess it is freeing people, true love just want the other to feel happy and to reach their goals, just like parents with their children.

    Everything else is but the will to possess and sexual behaviors.

    It sure pained me a lot in the past when I realized I was not the only one able to draw a smile on beloved faces. They didn’t belong to me as sure as I didn’t belong to them.

    The thing is when two souls deeply fell in love there is no need to think about these matters. It will just flow quietly and eventually fade away sometimes. As you said this is about letting things go.

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  3. You know my dear… Man is indeed a fool. Most foolish creature on this earth. forgetting to live, craving for power and running after what doesn’t belong to him, never relishing the beauty of what he holds… A confused creature most of the times…

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