The Unfair Universe

It is said that if you have three things in life, you are lucky. Those three hings are Food (रोटी), Clothing (कपड़ा) and Shelter (मकान). But I feel, if you have these 3 things you really have all the Luxuries of life.

  1. Food (रोटी): If you can sit an eat at a meal a day, that means you are really lucky. As, many of us are denied this luxury.


2. Clothing (कपड़ा): If you have 2 pair of dresses to cover yourself, you are lucky.


3. Shelter (मकान): If you have a shelter to cover your head when it rains, when the sun shines at its brightest, trust me you are lucky.


How many of us feel lucky right now?



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9 thoughts on “The Unfair Universe

  1. wow… i once did a thing called the “30 hour famine”, which was a fundraiser for starving people where everyone went without food for 30 hours, but every once in a while i still need a smack of reality to remind me that these things are real… beautiful work.

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