“Carpe diem” is a Latin aphorism which means seize the day. I have always been fascinated by this two word phrase.It gives you a magical feel about the day. A day which has to be lived to the fullest, as if it was your last day.

After a few failed relationships and 7 golden years of my life, I finally understood, what ever I was looking for in a relationship is with me only. I never needed a person to be with. All I needed was to be with myself. All these years I had a false notion of a perfect life. While chasing a perfect life I missed on “life”. Life is, the ups and downs. The sad moments and the happy moments. The day I realized this, there is nobody who can take away the smile on my fame.

This has become a way of my life, full of energy and being full of happiness. As happiness is not the destination its a way of life.


Girl with a Tripod

Inspiration: Unstoppable

13 thoughts on “Imparable

  1. I love this post with all sincerity. There are very few ladies that discover the power in them but you have yours and it’s the ultimate thing which will make every other thing fall into place 👏

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