Accidental Companion

Got married at the age on 10, didn’t even knew what a marriage is.
She found a friend in her 11 year old husband.
Grew up together as friends.
She was happy, going to school with her husband, playing with him.
Until, one day, when her “saasu ma” (Mother in-law), asked her to come and help her in the kitchen.
Her school was stopped.
Her playing was stopped.
She didn’t knew what happened.
Suddenly, her happy days were gone.
She was turned into a full time ,unpaid maid servant by her saasu ma.
All, she was allowed to do was household chores.
She accepted that fact that she was made to do all this.
On day,
She was blessed, with a little girl.
She became the world to her.
She shared every detail with her, even though she could not respond.
She became her companion in her journey called life.
The part his husband could not play.



Girl with a Tripod

Inspiration :Shared Journeys

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