Free as a bird

“Mind is a great servant and a very cruel master”

Everyone want a life without tensions, but not everyone can free their mind from them. Tension, becomes a part of life, when responsibilities are put on a shoulder. Responsibility of a family, their food, their desires. These go to an extent where one has to even forget our own desires for the sake of someone else (family), which becomes a great cause of tension. Why do we put our family’s needs before us? When a family is created out of free will, it does not feel like a burden, but if a family is created out of family pressure, it feels nothing else than a burden.

A person, who marries with his/her own free will is free.
A person, who takes up a job, which interests him is free.
A person, who lives a life he/she desires is free.
We all are free as a bird, only if, we understand these boundaries are only a game of your own mind.

Clear your mind. You are free as a bird.



Girl with a Tripod


Inspiration :Carefree


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