Little Tempations

“Night air, good conversation, and a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound.” -Unknown

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we  are unable to achieve what we set our eyes to? Sometimes we are not able to come out of our comfort zone and be what we want to be or be with whom we want  to be.

When you see an elephant tied to a small pole in the corner of a circus, do you even wonder that, how that small pole is capable of keeping this giant elephant in place? When the elephant could just take it down and run away, why is he not doing it?  When the elephant was young, he was tied with a large rope to a big pole, where even if he tried, he could not break loose. This, conditioned the elephant is such a way that now, even if you tie the elephant to a sapling he will not budge.

Similarly, our lives have been conditioned the same way. We have been protected so much that where ever we go we look for protection. We  are unable to come out of our comfort zones to be what we want to be.

We need to re-condition ourselves, to find comfort in being uncomfortable.



Girl with a tripod


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