A door which has been closed forever


at dalai lama temple

I am writing this in continuation with my last post :Robbed

She was a dreamer, a person who knew only how to love with all her heart. Her heart has been shredded into pieces which even when picked up could not be reassembled to their perfect place. It gave her the kind of pain, she could not even explain. It took a lot of time. She was finally able to see clearly, this time not through her heart, but her mind. She did reassemble the pieces of her heart, but she chose to leave some peaces behind. The one’s that gave her this pain had to be left behind. She was back, with a strong heart. She put back all the pieces, but a little differently.

The door to her heart has been closed.


Girl with a Tripod

The Story Behind a Door

2 thoughts on “A door which has been closed forever

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