To Marry or not to Marry


I am 29 years old, and when I tell people that I am not married they look at me with so much pity. Seriously, sometimes I feel like smashing the head, their not mine. What is with age and getting married and getting settled.

“Madam, agar agle janam me ladki bani na shadi hi nai karungi, agar kari to ek bacha hi karungi”  ( Madam, In next life if I were born a girl I will never get married, or If I get married ‘ll have only one child) (she has 4 kids and family income of 10-12k that too not fixed)– Mrs A

“I was told that he is a CA, but after marriage I came to know he is only a graduate” – Mrs. B

“Madam ji, mere saath to dhoka hua, mujhe nahi batya shadi se pehle ye problem thi” (Madam, I have been kept in the dark about her condition)- Mr. C


Why do people think this way after marriage? Why to get married in the first place?

In India, marriage is treated as an alliance of two families (that is what they proclaim), but in actual it is kind of a business deal, how much dowry, oh !! Government job (secured life), even if that person is a complete jerk to live with. Till when can you live with that dowry and that government job?

Why to get married when the society wants? The society is not going to live your life for you!! Its you who has to live it for you.

Why you actually should get married? When you are actually ready to share your life with someone special. And, yes that person has to be special as you are going to share your life with him/her.

Who you should get married to? A person you can talk to about anything, from your finger nail to world politics just about anything. A person with whom you can be the silliest child on the block. A person who does not mind, you being a child. A person, with whom you can be in your PJ’s and still feel beautiful/handsome.

When you should get married? When the time is right, trust me you will go and buy a ring for her/him.

How will you find that person? Trust me do your thing and the day he/she walks into your life, you will know he/she is the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with them.



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