Race with no finish line

Have you seen the Bajaj Avenver latest commercial ad?

Here is a look:

Well, I am not advocating the ad for the bike, but the concept. How beautifully, it has been explained how each one of us is living our lives.

We are running a race, which has no finish line and the same end for everyone. A race where there will be no winner. A race where there is no prize. We are just running aimlessly. Why? Because that’s how we have been tuned.

  1.  Study
  2. Get a good job
  3. Get married
  4. Have Kids
  5. Earn to raise them well
  6. Get retired
  7. Take pension
  8. Eat, sleep, work, repeat
  9. Die

When one asks you, what did you accomplish? Why are you earning? Raising kids!!

Why you want to have kids? Because that is what the society wants!!

The society is not concerned what we want. The society wants, our life go in a certain direction. Who makes the society? “We”.

If we cannot change ourselves, then the herd behavior is not going to take us anywhere.

Why can’t we stand for ourselves? Why are we so scared of the society that we lose our identity?



Girl with a Tripod


Daily Inspiration: Aimless

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