5 Must haves on your bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list these days, I have some crazy ideas you could add on yours now check them out

  1. Sing to a karaoke :

    Sing to a karaoke in your mother tongue at place where no one understands it.

  2. Go to La Tomatina festival:

    It happens in Bunol near Valencia in Spain, its gonna be hell of an experience

  3. Propose someone at the top of Eiffel Tower :

    That does not need any explanation at all. The feeling will tell you everything.

  4. Have lunch/dinner with a complete stranger :

    This is also going to be an enriching experience it can be in your city or anywhere in he world.

And, the best one is…..

  1. Kiss a total stranger: 

    Kiss a total stranger at a place where nobody knows you (for the obvious reasons).


Are you crazy?? Yes, I am and I am loving it!!!



Girl with a Tripod

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