Colors of Dharamshala- 5 days n 4 nights – 5 places – Rs. 8538/-

Places Covered 

Day 1: Chandigarh- Anandpur sahib-Naina devi- Anandpur sahib-nangal

Day 2: Nangal-Kangra

Day 3: Kangra- Mcleodgang

Day 4: Mcleod gang – Palampur

Day 5: Palampur-Kangra-Chandigarh

Day 1

Starting my journey from Chandigarh ( Mohali Phase 6 Bus stand), I took a bus for Anandpur Sahib (Rs. 90), it took around 2 hours to reach Anandpur Sahib. It was a really hot day in April, Neembu pani(Lemmon Water) and Ganne ka rass(Sugarcane juice) was my escape had as much as possible and as little food as possible. I went to the Gurudwara and spent sometime in the Darbar and felt at peace ( also some rest from the scorching heat). After that, I left for Naina Devi, by local bus (Rs. 30), that was the first glimpse of the mountains from the bus. The view was totally amazing. I reached there in about 30 mins. In this hot summer aftrnoon @2pm I couldn’t muster the courage to climb the 1km long stairs of Naina Devi mandir ( may be on the next visit I would be able to visit Maa). But, still I enjoyed the scenery from the top, took some shots and came back by bus (Rs.30).

After coming back, I took a bus from anandpur sahib to nangal.

At Nangal, it was not a planned stay. But, I got a really decent stay Green Villa Lodge at Rajiv Gandhi Chownk) for Rs. 1000/-. The caretaker was a young boy, he bought me dinner in my room from outside stall as I was damn tired to move out.

Day 2

Started my day a little late @7.30 am, as I was so sure I’ll get a bus conveniently. I got a bus at 8:30 am.

“The destination is not important, start to enjoy the journey you will never get bored.”

The journey was amazing, although it was a hot day. But I thoroughly enjoyed the journey to Kangra. The hills gave me the chills. It never cease to amaze people that a girl is travelling solo (that too not for work purpose, just to enjoy herself). I reached Kangra at 1.30 Pm. I had a friend, to whom I have promised to meet. I had lunch with him at my Hotel , Hotel Grand Raj (Rs. 2100/- (only for room) after the discount and some gocash). As a true friend, he arranged for local sight seeing, with the girls employed in his shop. As it was too late, we could only manage to visit Kangra fort, but that made my day worthwhile.

Day 3

Kangra- DharamShala: Got a lift to the war memorial by my friend. It was not in the plan, but I am glad it was added. Loved the view, got some amazing shots.

From war memorial I took a bus for Dharamshala Bus stand (rs.3) from there bus for Mcleod gang (Rs.13/-). Stay there was at M Hotel (Rs. 1100/- (room plus food) after discount and gocash). The hotel was decent, but the moment I put my foot in Mcleod gang I was in love with this place, instantly regretted that I had planned only one day here. I did a lot in that day. Auto/taxi’s are the life line here. Its best to have your own 2 wheeler, but auto also works fine (as I don’t know how to ride). (1) Bhagsu Nag, it has an amazing waterfall and the mandir.

After, visiting the waterfall and coming back from Bhagsu Nag, I had to cover 3 spots, Dal Lake, Naddi Village and a church. SO i decided to take an auto for all the 3 spots combined.

(2) Dal Lake, It is a small lake surrounded by all the mountains and trees, and a temple nearby. It is such a serene place to be. There are benches on the side of the lake, you can sit there and relax. The green water and the luscious greenery around is such a heaven for the eyes.

(3) Naddi Village, is situated at the highest point in Dharamshala. The auto driver said, I’ll get a specified amount of time at each spot. But, this place was so mesmerizing, that I lost track of the time. While I was walking the trail of mountain, there was a street vendor who commented as I was walking by with my tripod and my camera ” Ye sahi hai (looking at my tripod), kisi ki zarurat nahi, isko lagaya and photo le liya”  .I was startled by the comment, but it felt sooo good. I spent some time there and enjoyed what only my eyes could capture best.

(4) The Church, St. Jhon’s Church in the Wilderness, The church was about to close when I reached there and I took some shots. Although, it said that you need permission for potography ( I came to know that later), I had already done my work ;).



After covering all these spots, I called it a day also I was very very tired. As my hotel gave only breakfast, I had to look for dinner. I went to this terrace restaurant Flame Restaurant n bar. The food was good. It is a very small restaurant and I was the only customer. But food with the night view was good.

Day 4

I started the day early, and went to the HH Dalai Lama temple. The place temple / gurdwara have that aura, you just feel at peace with yourself. I just sat there and observed everything. For once I felt like keeping my camera aside and just sit there and relax. The ambiance was  such.

After visit to the temple, I had my breakfast, as it was complementary, the Hotel staff out of empathy (being a solo women traveler) offered to get it to my room. I had my breakfast and left for the bus stand. On the way, the previous days auto driver saw me and waived me goodbye. ( He also told me an interesting story about his life, which I will share some other time). Felt good. Didn’t want to leave.

Took a bus for Padar (Rs. 20), visit to Chamunda Devi temple, I boarded the bus and got down a stop next to the temple (don’t know where my mind was). The driver said, there is a staircase by the side of the road which leads to the temple. While looking for it, I saw a Surd biker stopping and looking at me, I decided to ask him for the way. I don’t know what he thought, he decided to give me a lift to the temple. God sent angel I must say. 🙂

The temple is very beautifully built, no pictures here sorry as it was not allowed in the temple.

After the visit, I took the bus for Palampur (rs.30), I reached there by 2 PM, and damn tired I was, roaming around on hot days is taxing. The 2nd last day of my trip and the moment I checked in the Hotel ( Hotel Highland Regency- Rs. 1400/- (room plus breakfast), and slept like a baby. Woke up at 7Pm, was planning to visit he local market, but decided to call it a day.

Day 5

As  I could not visit Palampur yesterday, I decided to not waste an opportunity, I don’t come to palampur daily after-all. The name is so dreamy, palam-pur. I went to Neugal cafe, the view was amazing and Saurabh Van Vihar the view was simply superb.

On way back to Chandigarh Via kangra, visited Baglamukhi temple. It is famous for its mystical powers. Left kangra at 1pm and at 7PM I was at home.

First solo trip, that has changed me for good.


Girl with a Tripod

All pictures are clicked by the author, using them without authors permission is not allowed.


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