Don’t Struggle, Thrive

The day starts with opening your eyes and it ends with closing your eyes and going to sleep. What happens in between depends on how you react.

My day starts with a cup of green tea. It keeps me awake all day and gives me energy. But sometimes it also fails to do its work. The day becomes a curse. It then, becomes a matter of choice, either to struggle throughout the day or make it count. I have 4 sub-ordinates. I am the youngest person in the office and the Boss.

Sometimes, it feels bad for them, that they have to take orders from someone who is their daughter’s age. But when I see them struggle with their day to day work. It’s like sometimes I have to literately dictate them what needs to be done, sitting next to them giving them step-by-step instructions on what to do. Then also, correcting mistakes. They have problems following step-by-step instructions also. This is when I feel, whatever is happening to them is for the best.

There seems to be a lack of motivation, despite giving them all the support. They will sit idle, look at their phone screens, but will not make an effort to improve themselves.

If you have to struggle, struggle to thrive and be better.




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