Dealing with a narcissist friend

Narcissism, what is it?

It is extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

Narcissism, is a type of personality disorder, which gives a highly over-rated self esteem to the person having this disorder and can be very damaging for the people around him.

I had a friend, who was an extreme narcissist, at first I didn’t know. But after meeting him and analyzing what actually happened, I came to realize that he was an extreme case of narcissism. He had such high self-worth and self-esteem and made me feel so insecure about myself by loathing me for who I am and being adamant.

At first, I thought he is dealing with some kind of a heart break or something as he wouldn’t say anything. He was so engrossed in himself that, he would make up scenarios in his head and he was so charming that he could make you believe that you also like him.

For instance, I would not say anything and he would say I am creating a drama out of anything. If talking like adults and discussing something is called drama, then dude, yes I am a drama queen.

Second, He would say, I am very complicated and you will not be able to understand me. If you wont say anything about yourself, hell Yes, I will not understand you. I am not a psychic or a mind reader.

Third, when you tell him about yourself, Are you crazy? when you ask him about his day or what he is doing. Are you jealous?  Being too judgmental and saying I don’t know how to judge.

Fourth, Making scenarios in his mind, that the other person is missing him. Asking about his day. Don’t miss me so much.  Dude, nobody said, I am missing you.

When talking after 2 months and asking where has he been, you are being so sensitive or and you are going too much into this. 

At one point, he did make me believe that there is some problem with me. Then, I realized, yes there is a problem with me, that I am not able to recognize that he needs help. He is the one who is in trouble. At first, I blocked his number, on whatsapp, sms and call. Now, when I know, he is a narcissist. I unblocked him. You know why? Because I realized, he will not call me or text or contact me in any form. Narcissist have such high self esteem. Thank God. I am saved.

But, I really want to help him. Trying to figure out a way.

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