Al-Maktoob, what has been written will happen. We play a small role in this world as puppets of the creator of the world. He has written a specific role for each and everyone of us. We must play that role, in our lives and in each other’s lives.

The other day, I was supposed to meet a friend of mine, we kept the schedule flexible just decided that we will be meeting even if it is for 10-15 mins, as he had to leave for his native place which is around 5-6 hours drive away. I dropped a message early in the morning, that let me know a convenient place and time and I’ll reach there in 15-20 mins. I didn’t get a reply. I called when I left the house, no response. I went out anyways and spent the day all by myself. Saw 2 movies, had lunch did some shopping. It was a good day as I had good company(Me ;)).

Although, I had a good day. I didn’t call back as a courtesy, I was expecting atleast one call back or a message. That didn’t happen either. I have stopped letting these small things bother me now, thanks to my past experiences. So, life went on, i let that incidence go. After 5 days, I got a message, “How r u” from that friend at night. In the morning, I gave him a call. His voice was not right, he is very enthusiastic person, and a Hello from him has that impact it can make your day lively, but today I sensed something was wrong. I asked him, if he was okay. He said yes. Later,  I came to know, why he hasn’t been responding and why he was dull, his father was not keeping well and passed away the day we were supposed to meet.


I realised, that it does not matter, what we think, what we plan, what we do, what has to happen will happen. Stressing over, why’s will not take you anywhere. There are many things that keep you wondering, why this happened, what was the purpose? But, eventually, you will know, why things happen. Its best to sit back, relax and enjoy life in the present moment.

God has a plan for you, He will make it work and one day everything will make sense.



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