Waiting, means you have hope. The movie Waiting (2015), is a very beautiful movie. It is based on a simple aspect of everyone’s life- WAIT.  Although the movie talks about the support two people from different generations provide each other, while being in the same kind of situation, I’ll be talking about waiting (will not be reviewing the movie).

Life, has become a vicious circle of waiting. When we are born, a new life starts. Even before we are born, our parents are waiting for us to be born, for 9 months. After 9 Months, they are waiting for us to grow up and go to school. Wait is never over. While we are at school, we are waiting to grow up and go to college, when we are in college, we are waiting to finish it and join a job, when we get a job, we are waiting to find the right life partner and get married, when we get married, we are waiting to have our first baby and the life cycle continues.

All this while, when we are waiting, we forget to enjoy the present moment (Gift of today). The 365 days in a year, they are pages of a chapter in your life book. Everyday, gives us ample opportunities to be what we want to be, to be happy, to be. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Who has go, has left.

One day, you will be 83 years old, no strength to do, what you always wanted to do. Only, regretting over the past. Today is the day, to do those things. Someday will never come. Stop waiting and start living in the present. Make the most of it.

We must open our present (today) with a smile and make the most of it, while forgetting the past and future.


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