Enriching experience

Experience is the teacher of all the things.


It is said that life takes a test first and then gives you a lesson. It is very difficult to know what the next test is going to be. We lament change. We are unable to adjust to new things. We regret the changes. But change gives us experience, which cannot be replaced by any teaching in the books or any advice.

Sometimes, the most dreaded change gives you the best experience.

I would like to share an example of a very dear friend, who was posted to a small village as a branch in-charge of a bank branch. The branch is in a very remote area, no direct connectivity of buses and the last bus leaves at 5.30 in the evening.

When she first visited the place before joining, she was very scared of the location, new people, first time assignment as a branch in-charge. She cried, approached every person she thought could help her even a slight help. All the efforts, were in-vain. Finally, the day came, she joined the branch. The branch was in a very filthy state. She got more scared. Place is no good, working environment bad. She was totally devastated.

I will not discuss the whole story, but I would give an overview. She got a really nice place to stay, which she didn’t get  in a metro city, food was no problem (neighborhood was so compassionate, she didn’t have to cook a single day), eventually transport was no problem. It was the only bank in 17 villages, she got ample respect, she got the branch renovated. Helped the people there as much as she could. Worked for the betterment of the branch. When she finally left after 1 year. She didn’t want to leave that place. So many people came to see her off. She was so overwhelmed by the love she got in that small village, which she didn’t get in her life in a metro.

Also, the experience she got was invaluable. Today, she would not trade any amount of wealth. She could not have got this experience anywhere else also.


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