No thing Called love

The older you get, the more you realise that you don’t need people in your life to love you. You just need someone, who can understand you and be by your side in think and thin.

Love is highly overrated. Actually, there is no thing called love. How can you love someone by just looking. A person who is not nice, is just pretty. It is very difficult to love in this world, which is full of selfishness. The other day I was reading an article on narcissism on The author, Rushati Ghosh, has beautifully explained the difference in Self Love, Self Obsession and narcissism. These days, most of the people are narcissist. Their universe revolves around themselves, no respect for relationships, no respect for the other person in a relation.

When the degree of self love is so high that you become a narcissist, there is no place in that person’s life to love someone else. Their head does not go beyond themselves. There is no communication in relationships. It is really very difficult to survive a relationship with these kind of people.

There should be self respect and self love, but it should not go to a level that it is converted to ego, which destroys a relationship. Relationships, are needed to be cherished. They are based on compromise ( at both ends), understanding, respect, being equal. Just like a cycle cannot be driven when there is a flat tyre, similarly a relationship cannot work if only one person is making all the compromises. Some day, that person is gonna be tired and will stop making compromises and walks out.

Life, is a journey which needs a partner. When that partner is a friend who understands you, the journey becomes fun. That’s all you need to be happy. Only a friend can love you at your worst, without judging.

Life is not for sane people. If you will analyse life, you will not have any time to love life. Be a little mad. Stop judging and live a happy life.




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