dreams_of_fly-wide (1)

A dream is wish your heart makes – Walt Disney.

We all have dreams, not the ones we see when we are asleep. I am talking about the one’s we see when we are awake and the ones which keeps us awake.

Someone dreams of being a pilot/actor/comedian etc. but do they make it? It is not very difficult to make it actually. We just don’t give it a try for the fear of being a failure. We are a failure if we are not trying, aren’t  we? Just think. We are not doing what we like the most. What does that make us? And, why are we not pursuing it?

There are a number of reasons why we don’t go forward, like

  1. Being judged- What how can you even think of doing it?
  2. What if i Fail?
  3. People will laugh if i fail?

These are such stupid reasons!!

People talk for 2 days, have gossip and then get busy in their lives!! thats it!!

You are the one living yours in fear.

Go forward and LIVE THE DREAM LIFE!!


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