The 3 Lives


Hypocrisy: It is a state of pretending that we have belief’s , virtues, feelings , opinions , qualities or standards that one actually does not have. Thus, deceiving other people into a lie.

What does hypocrisy has to do with the 3 lives we live? We all live 3 lives, or I should say that our society has been made in such a way that we all are forced to live 3 lives:

  1. Public life – Where we are poised and conduct ourselves in such a way that the other person either likes us or gets jealous of us.
  2. Private life- This is the one which involves our behavior with our close family & friends, but we are still not ourselves, we are like the herd here.
  3. Private life- This is where we are ourselves, most often than not even the family & friends are not aware of these lives. So, as the name suggests we will keep it a “Secret”.

Most certainly, I am not here to give you notes on the type of lives we live. So, why am I here writing about these lives?

Well, this is because I hate two faced people. It makes i harder for me to decide which side to slap first.  We are living in a society where people feel its their quality that they are two faced. They are all goody goody on your face and all you can hear from them as soon as you leave is “gossip” about you.

Some people are like brand ambassadors of themselves, they pose as if nobody is more knowledgeable/ smart/ beautiful than them. These kind of people irritate me the most. They might not be good at anything, but they pretend to masters of all trades. They have created a image of themselves that anyone or everyone they meet has to become their fan or either be jealous of them for their smartness/ beauty whatsoever.

Why is there a need in the society to be look smart/ beautiful or full of knowledge? People has started to put on these faces. What is it leading to? Stress on them to outsmart his own last performance/ appearance and stress on others to be at par with this particular person. We are just going towards a nasty society which is never happy to see someone else’s happiness, they are just jealous and keep on the effort to pull the other person down all the time.

I have started doubting every person I meet in my day to day life, whether he/she is real or fake?

Sometimes, its not people who change, its the mask that falls off.


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