Day one of Autumn

It’s kind of weird that almost all my posts are inspired by movies Bollywood & Hollywood. Try guessing this one. Don’t worry I am not going to narrate a movie’s story.


This movie really left me thinking that if the relationships are really a matter of fate? Should we leave the choice of our so called soul mate to destiny? I am not quite sure, if relationships are destiny or just a coincidence.

 A guy who was hopelessly in love with this girl who has already told this guy that she is in this thing with no strings attached. The girl was not sure about the relationship and cleared it in the beginning, and the guy went along hoping that it would turn into something. In a way, both of they did what they wanted to do at that point of time. Still when the relationship fell off, he wasn’t ready to give up on her. But she was over him. In the end she gets married to someone else.

The ending of the story makes me believe that, relationships are destined to be. One day this girl wakes up and she knew that this was the guy for her. Does it really happen, that one day you wake up and that’s it, you got it?

Really trying to figure out, does the day of autumn comes or is it just a fantasy?

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