In the search of a Better-Half

This title does sound a little desperate, although am not that desperate. But looking at my friends getting married and having children (Yes, I am that old) and not getting access to my friends because they are busy in their married life, gets me to thinking about getting my better half in place.
What does a better half means anyway? Does this mean you are not complete until and unless you meet your better half!! I am sure the answer to it can never be Yes!! No one is incomplete. Then why am I writing about the search of a Better half?
Don’t worry I am not married and I am also not going to narrate my search proceedings and the findings.
Just like I have mentioned how the search for the better half begins, with all the friends getting busy with their lives, at one point in time you think that it’s about time that one should get hitched too. But is this the only reason for which one should get married? Well I am not preaching here so the answer differs, I’ll be concentrating more on the people who said no.
Marriage is a sacred institution, in India; it’s not only a union of two souls but a union of two families and their traditions and values. So, that is why before getting married in India unlike the west, the families meet and sans the big fat weddings. Although the culture is changing a little bit but still the majority stays by it.
While going through the procedure of getting married, I will call it procedure ‘cause the process is real lengthy. But in this lengthy process we forget that in the end it’s the couple who has to stay together and not the families. It’s the girl who has to adjust to a new environment and new place, new people, but apart from that she has to adjust with a new person in her life, share everything which was kept a secret till now with a person completely. For this sharing there has to be a trust between the two.
How do you expect a girl, to share everything with someone she barely knew or vice a versa even for guys it’s not that easy. Life is not very easy and at the same time it’s not that tough, but everyone has their share of ups and downs, some has more some have less but all of us do have.
I am no expert in relationships advice, but here are some commandments for a smooth relationship.
1. Speak more, listen even more
2. Forgive, forgive, forgive
3. Respect privacy
4. Share everything
5. Be truthful
6. Never ever cheat
7. If you have problems, get yourself into another room cool down and talk it out.
8. Adjust
There will come opportunities where you would be tempted to cheat on your partner, but trust me like a paper which has been crumpled, trust cannot be won back to the same level, some doubt always remains.
Life is not easy when we face our down time alone, and it’s not fun either when we face the up time alone. It is to lessen the effect of the down time and heighten the effect of the up time we need the better half. That is the definition of a better half, who has the ability to cut out the sorrow and multiply the joy.

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