The Dirty Picture or Story of a True Rebel

The Dirty Picture as you all know is based on a Indian film actress Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati popular as Silk Smitha. I am not here to discuss the story, but I want to question the status of women in Indian society.

Silk, who belonged to a poor family and did not have a good education background, but had strikingly good looks. I would say giving the circumstances she was in, poverty, lack of family support, wicked people in the film industry and in-experience in the industry. She took a bold step, by accepting the first offer she got. We blame her altogether for the image she had, which was crated by the type of films or I would say by the type of roles that were offered to her.

In the 70’s when she got her first movie, there were limited choice on the genre of the movies, that is why her image was built on the first role she got, which by the way, was offered purely for the benefit of the film and not hers but she loved the attention.

The film industry is such a place which can never let you live your life peacefully, especially, when you are the center of attention. At first you love the attention you get but by the time you realize what you have got yourself into, its too late. That is what happened with Silk, by the time she realized what she has gotten into, it was too late.

This story of her life, really provokes me to question, was it really her fault or her choice to be soft-porn star of the Indian Film industry, or was she the victim of a cheap director/producer who wanted to make quick bucks?

Whatever it was, she worked like a warrior all her life and lived the life on her terms even when there was no support from anywhere.

Nevertheless, she didn’t give in, but ended her life as a victor.


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